Mental Skills Test

This is a free general mental skills assessment to gauge your general mental skills ability that was adopted from the Athletic Coping Skills Inventory (Smith et al., 1994) and the Mental Toughness Questionanaire (Dagnall, et. al, 2019). The answers will be emailed directly to you at which point you can discuss the results with Drew, free of charge. 

1. I remain positive and enthusiastic during competition, no matter how badly things are going.
2. I never worry about what others think of my performance
3. When I feel myself getting too tense, I can quickly relax my body and calm myself.
4. I maintain emotional control regardless of how things are going for me.
5. When I'm competing, I can focus my attention and block out distractions.
6. It is easy for me to keep distracting thoughts from interfering with something I am watching or listening to.
7. I handle unexpected situations in my sport very well.
8. On a daily or weekly basis, I set very specific goals for myself that guide what I do

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