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what is mental training?

Mental training provides a set of skills that allows you to feel comfortable and confident in any situation you find yourself in. It allows you to exert your will on your environment instead of allowing your environment to dictate your actions. Through mental training you can learn to build and sustain confidence, bounce back from mistakes, dig deeper during workouts, and step out of your comfort zone to start performing at your best consistently. 



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1 on 1 training

"We figured out that I am too focused on the outcome, which then leads to fear. He taught me how to stay in the moment, and focus on my routine process. Now, I view golf so much differently because I learned to accept my mistakes, move on to the next shot, and giving myself new opportunities to hit better shots. Golf more fun than ever!! Thanks to coach Morgan!!"

Professional Golfer


"Working with Drew has truly been a life- and game-changing endeavor. The mental strategies and tactics I learned to apply to my rowing helped me achieve and surpass my goals at a faster rate than I ever experienced in my athletic career. I cannot recommend his individually-tailored services enough. Here’s to applying our work together to the big goal of national team selection trials!"

Competitive Rower

Drew helped me to figure out what I can do to strengthen my mentality. He taught me ways to control my mind which resulted in better results in my sport. Thanks to his knowledge I know I can use what he has taught me for the rest of my career, in life and in sports. What he teaches goes beyond athletics, it helps to be able to have more control of your mind

Divison I Golfer

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about me

  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant ® with Association of Applied Sport Psychology

  • Master’s degree in Sport Psychology & MBA

  • Competitive athletic experience playing baseball, basketball, golf, and football. 

  • Experience working with wide range of athletes including archery, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, rowing and others. 

What I love most about sport is that it provides fertile ground to help us understand ourselves better.

How do I deal with pressure and anxiety?

How do I handle adversity?

How does success impact my performance?

What motivates me?


These are some simple questions with some not so simple answers.

I've dedicated my life to helping athletes, performers, and business professionals develop strategies to answer these questions in productive ways from research from psychology and specifically sport psychology.

My mission is to help you perform at your potential consistently, derive more satisfaction and enjoyment in what you do, and be a master of your own destiny. 

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about how I can specifically help you develop an edge through mental training and talk about which plan is right for you.
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