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Master's Degree, Sport Psychology

Master's Business Administration

Certified Mental Performance Consultant ® with Association of Applied Sport Psychology

Experience with elite athletes and coaches (professional & Olympic level), business executives, youth athletes, and many others


My Story

I was born in Switzerland and traveled to a different country every few years due to my parents' job and the one thing that helped me connect with others who spoke a different language than me was sports. I played any and all sports - soccer, baseball, basketball, football, golf, skiing, tennis, swimming - you name it I probably tried it. In high school I focused on baseball, basketball, and golf and went to college to play baseball. After an injury ended my athletic career I really struggled mentally and emotionally. I was adrift and purposeless without sports for the first time in my life. 


After graduating from college, I worked in sales and played a lot of golf which is when I became fascinated in the mental side of high-level performance.I had heard of sport and performance psychology but didn't know much about it. As I read up on it, I instantly knew that is what I wanted to do and quickly applied to graduate schools.


One of the first things I learned about in my master's program was about the psychology of injury and realized that what I had gone through after being injured was very common. It brings me incredible joy to be able to help injured athletes I work with now get through that difficult time. Something else I learned early on in my master's program is that mental skills can be used in many different contexts, including in business and leadership. Since I was going all in, I decided to pursue an MBA at the same time I was getting my MA in sport psychology.


Three grueling years later I graduated with two master's degrees with a near perfect GPA, and won awards for “student of the year” and “graduate student of the year”. Now, as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant I have worked with pro athletes, Olympic coaches,  business executives, TSA officers, cancer survivors, librarians, and many others.


I know that everyone, no matter their performance, can benefit from mental coaching. My mission is to teach everyone I can how to use their mind to their advantage to better achieve their goals. 

My Approach


The first stage of the process is a discovery phase. The objective is to learn more about yourself- strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, mindset, habits, and tendencies. At the end of this phase a clear path will be established and a individualized mental training plan will be created. 


Once awareness has been developed and specific training needs targeted, you will learn practical mental skills and concepts. At the end of this phase you will have new tools at your disposal to use during your performance as well as mental training drills to help ingrain the new mindset.


Just like physical skills, mental skills need reps. In this final phase you will be training what you've learned and tweaking them, making them more personalized so they become easier to use and remember. The goal at the end of this phase is to have equipped you with the tools and knowledge to overcome any challenge in the future. 

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