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Group Coaching: 12 Sessions

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What you can expect: - Small groups of up to 6 people where you can learn from one another’s experiences. - Learn essential mental tools/techniques to help improve: o Confidence o Playing with pressure/nervousness/anxiety o Resilience o Getting out of your head and into the game - Mental drills and exercises to improve your mental processes - Get the recording of the session if you can’t make it. Session Topics: 1. Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions. What are they and how can we control them? 2. Get out of your head! Mindfulness techniques to be more present. 3. Improving focus pt. 1: Techniques to block out the noise. 4. Improving focus pt 2: Control the controllables. 5. Building inner confidence 6. Sustaining confidence 7. Performing under pressure pt 1. 8. Performing under pressure pt 2 9. Bounce back! Building resilience through optimism 10. Visualization 11. Stop comparing yourself to others 12. Pre-performance routines

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