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individual training 

As with any skill, practice is key. This holds true with mental skill training. The more time spent working on the skills with a trained mental skills coach, the better the outcome. More time together allows greater exploration during the assessment phase, which helps to boost self-awareness - a critical component of high performance - and helps to determine a game plan that is more tailed to your individual's needs.

What you get in addition to the 50-minute session:

  • Text/email/phone call support

  • Handouts (which turns into a workbook at the end)

  • At-home mental training exercises

  • Psychological assessments

  • Specific mental training game-plan

  • Biofeedback training (if local)

5 Pack






team workshops 

I work with coaches to understand the specific needs of their team that are holding them back from achieving high performance. From there we decide on an approach towards teaching specific mental skills and leadership skills to ensure accountability. Workshops vary in duration from 1-hour to all-day. 


While each team's needs are different, I've found the following workshops to be widely applicable and popular among coaches and athletes. 

building confidence 

Confidence is a fleeting feeling that has huge impacts on our ability to perform. In this workshop participants will leave with more sources for which to derive confidence. 

digging deep

Being able to withstand temporary pain for long term gain is a  hallmark of high performers. Your team will learn techniques for increasing motivation and the ability to endure digging deep during challenging workouts. 

present moment focus

Your team will learn strategies for staying in the moment, bouncing back from mistakes, and the ability to focus on the right thing at the right time - a major aspect of high level performance.